This week on Magic Mondays we give you an array that will bring a little art to your life in Middelburg.

This week we give you the Sculptor array.

Notation: Transmute, an area 200 times the area of the array, Human into Stone if Human Blood is present.

Description: Not everyone can be a sculptor in the styles of the Great Masters of old, but with the Sculptor array, you no longer have to have any artistic talent to create the most lifelike of sculptures. It is perhaps one of the most straightforward arrays, but it is the effect that is perhaps more terrifying and beautiful that has garnered the array its controversial reputation.

The array simply transmutes humans into stone, but it does come with a hint of safety feature: it requires the presence of human blood to activate. This ensures that the array doesn’t accidentally turn any human nearby into stone at the wrong time. This array is also meant for pistol and musket rounds, so you don’t want it to activate while it is still in the barrel of your own pistol and musket. Much better that it activates only when inside someone else.

This array is specifically meant for pistol and musket rounds and that is why the area of affect is so large: because pistol and musket rounds are so small. You can always of course use this array as a trap, drawn to any size you want, all you have to do then is adjust the size runes as needed. In fact, the old emperors, or Shāhanshāhs, of Tanfakech use to be turned to stone sculptures by using this very array.

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