It’s Christmas tomorrow so you get the new character sheet a day early!

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

To go with the holiday theme, today you’re getting a jolly old and kind fellow who used to be a bishop. Today’s character is Amir Uzun.

They say that your childhood defines your life and this could not have been more true for Amir. Born the youngest of seven sons, life would have been hard enough for the young boy, but his family was Progenitorist in a Neoist kingdom. In Azovia you only have two choices as a Progenitorist, lay under the boot of the Neoists or join one of the rebel factions terrorising the nation. Amir’s family chose the former and Amir spent his early years on the fringes of society, performing with his family to scrape by a living. His most vivid memory is that of a military commander who refused to execute his family because they were already pathetic enough.

Amir continued to be defined by his religion as he grew older as the only tutors his parents could find for him and his many brothers were a Progenitorist Bishop and the view of the world Amir gained was through a religious lens. Even his love life could not escape this. Progenitorist men were in short supply in Azovia as most either ended up as slaves or fighting in the rebel factions. Thus Amir was lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view, to gain the attention of two Progenitorist girls, but love triangles never end well.

When his first love died of illness, Amir thought his world would end, but the gods had other plans. On his way home from the funeral, Amir found a young hound near death, mauled by what seemed to be wildcat. Over the next several weeks and months as Amir nursed it back to health, the young man found his passion in life: to heal rather than the hurt. He became an acolyte at the local Progenitorist temple the very next day, and his hound joined him.

Once he had joined the clergy, he never left it. Now, 45 years later and in his sixth decade of life, Amir has a lot to look back on.

Amir was a polarising figure in his home nation for the simple reason that he preached love, compassion and peace. A great many of the Progenitorists saw him a collaborator with the Neoists and a great many of the Neoists saw him as a political agitator, trying to turn the Neoists against their aggressive government. Amir was neither, he simply desired order, peace, and tranquillity and soon enough the people began to see it. By the age of 34 he was the Bishop of the capital of Azovia and did all he could to foster peaceful relations between the two faiths. He accomplished little in this regard, but all who are asked will say that he left is a better place than he found.

On his 40th birthday, late at night he gazed up at the moon, the personification of the Heavenly Mother and prayed as he often did. He swears that this time, the moon spoke back. In the piercing pale light that surrounded him, he had a vision of life beyond his small nation and people who suffered there. He saw it as his duty to help them just as he had helped his own people for 24 long years.

He abdicated the cathedra (the bishop’s throne) the very next day and went off in search for these suffering folk he saw in his dream. As always he was accompanied by a hound, the descendent of the hound he had saved all those years ago.

For the next 12 years he travelled across the continent of Jytoh, unmasking imposter priests, getting murderers to confess their sins to their communities, preventing the innocent from being executed, and spreading the word of the Heavenly Progenitors wherever he went. It was a hard journey but a good one, and he eventually found himself in Middelburg. He recognised it immediately as the location of his vision. This is where he would end his pilgrimage he decided.

For the past 9 years, Amir has once again taken up the mantle of priest and served his community greatly, but that is not why he came. Middelburg cannot be cured by kind words and inspirational sermons, it has a rotten core that must be cut out.

So at night, Amir stalks the streets along with all the other footmen, doing what needs to be done to make the world a better place. At 61 years old he is long past the prime of his life, but he has other skills that come in handy in the dark streets of Middelburg. His rigid code of honour and morals have kept him from committing and violent crime and the footmen that he have come across have nothing but praise to speak of the wise old man that have helped them.

Amir does what he does not for the love of money, or glory, or lust, but to bring peace and order to this torrid city of criminals.

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