With the Runed Age Corebook now released and doing well, here’s another character for you to use in the grand city of Middelburg.

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

This week we have the merchant Camelia Kovachev.

Camelia’s whole life can be described as a statistic.

She was born poor in a poor town in the poor Delkan nation of Dukshka. She never knew her parents and her earliest memories were of her and her younger twin brothers alone on the streets begging for scraps. It was a hard life, made even harder by the fact that her brothers were more of a handful than she could bear at times. The only light in her small life was the Prodigalist Bishop of her town, who often gave her and her brothers what food could be spared and allowed them to sleep in the temple when it was raining. Needless to say, she spent her childhood lonely and afraid.

The temple was good to her though, it gave her what meagre education she had, taught her about life, and through it she connected to others her age as she couldn’t as a beggar on the streets. In her teenage years she met both her best friend and her first love in the temple, but neither of these stories would end well.

Her brothers hated her first love and his well-to-do family and their criminal acts against the family ruined what could have blossomed into true love. Her best friend, a powerful politician’s child, turned out to be a psychopathic killer and the constables found out at the same time that Camelia did. While the constables dragged her friend away, Camelia was doing all she knew, which wasn’t much, to save the life of the poor unfortunate that her best friend had tried so hard to kill.

It was the last straw for Camelia and she packed what little she had and left Dukshka for greener pastures, leaving everything and everyone she ever knew behind.

She ended up in Middelburg and spent the next three years as a salesgirl for a Heisenstein fashion store. She did remarkably well and at the young age of 19 she had scraped enough money together to lease her own little clothing store, working with local tailors to create modest clothing for modest people.

Her luck didn’t last. Over the next three years her small store would be robbed ten times and after the tenth time she finally called it quits. The store had taken everything from her and now there was nothing left, but a return to the streets and a life of crime.

The store didn’t just take her money, but her family too. She had wed a lovely Alfresian lad and had two bubbly young children, but the stress the store and the constant robberies brought on her family was too much. She was too proud to let it show, but when her husband left her and took the children it was all she could do to not find the nearest bridge…

Nowadays she is back on the streets as she was when she was a child, alone but this time not afraid. She had played this game before and was now well versed at it. She is quickly gaining a reputation as a good burglar and a ruthless killer, but she makes few friends. With no one beside her, she has love for only two things: her nation and her love of hating the rich. This outlook on life leaves little room for friendship.

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