Only one day left before the Runed Age releases! And with that, our last runic array before release will be one that will surely come in handy after tomorrow for all your characters’ secret plots and secret plans.

This week we give you the Blessed Solitude array.

Notation: Create a Containment Field in the shape of a Wall 20 times as Large as the array’s diameter that excludes Sound if there is Sound present.

Description: The Middelburg version of the Cone of Silence. All you need is a little disk (say about 10cm in diameter) inscribed with this array on the floor, or table, between you and whomever you are sharing your secret plots and plans and no one will be able to eavesdrop on you. And better still, you won’t hear a thing from the outside, making this the perfect way to have a nice quiet conversation. Needless to say, many in the criminal underworld, and politicians (as if there is a difference), use this as often as any other array.

One thing to note is that this array only excludes sound if there is sound. You might think “well there is always sound, so it will always be on” and to a degree you will be right. However, if it simply excluded all sound all the time, it would simply be as if you are in a soundproofed room. No sound would be able to enter through the containment field, but the sound created inside would simply bounce of the invisible wall around you echo endlessly inside. By making the containment field appear only when there is sound means that it will constantly flicker on and off faster than the eye could see (if the eye could see an invisible, intangible wall) destroying each little bit of sound as it passes through. So no echoes and a much more pleasant conversation.

Always remember to keep a good eye on your surroundings when using this array. No one can hear you, but you also can’t hear anyone else. It’s all too easy to sneak up on someone using this array, so be careful.

If you want to refresh your memory on how to create this sort of array before the Runed Age releases tomorrow, look us up on YouTube and you’ll find our How-To videos on how to create even more complex arrays than this.

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