Only four days to go till the release of the Runed Age so this will be the last character you get before the book comes out. But never fear, you’ll get another five characters after release.

All the character’s skills and backstory were created just by using the Runed Age’s Character Generation.

This week we have a joker and trickster from the frozen wastelands called Melina Zabat.

Melina was born the youngest of four daughters in the cold northern nation of Nigaean but her comfortable home life was quickly shattered by the horrors of life. The Tolian nations and their western Neoist neighbours have skirmished and battled since men first recorded history and this time Melina’s family was caught up in it. A raiding party from the west sacked her small town and enslaved her parents before the local militia could do anything. In a blink of an eye, Melina and her three older sisters were orphaned.

Nigaean is famous for two things: soldiers and thespians, so it wasn’t very long before an travelling circus came upon the four sisters and took them in, even though the children were pagans in a very orthodox nation, and so began Melina’s lifelong passion with the performer’s art.

The fun, the games, the hard work quickly became the norm for Melina and she took to it like a duck to water and it wasn’t long before she found a new parent in the circus’ premier jester.

As Melina and her sister grew older they quickly found their place in the circus and enjoyed exploring the continent as the circus travelled from town to town, nation to nation. Along the way, Melina became fast friends with the daughter of a Gaellish duke and got her first taste of the best that life can offer. She never found “love” however, as the circus is a fast and loose place and its performers even more so. This did, however, earn her a few extra coins to spend.

The turning point in her life came when she woke up in a tavern she was unfamiliar with in a town she had never been to in a nation she had never visited. No one had even heard of her circus yet her room at the inn was paid for in advance. More interesting however was that a whole year had past since she last remembered anything. The most curious thing, however, was that for the first hour after she woke up, she could see nothing except runic arrays. She believed this to be a sign from her pagan gods that she was meant for something greater, and so began her quest to find her purpose.

She travelled for the next nine years hoping to find another sign that her gods left her, using her jester’s skill to pay her way. She found little and after nine years ended up in Middelburg, having learnt little other than how to trick people out of their money.

She did not come to Middelburg alone. On her journeys through the southern lands in search of gods and omens she had five children to five fathers, her wanderlust (and lustful nature in general) never allowing her to settle down. For the time being, she has discovered that some stability is needed, five children deserve that after all. Melina has thus swallowed her pride and leased a small apartment for her family. She is in no short supply for carers for the children while she goes off on her godly quest as she makes friends wherever she goes. That much at least must be said for Melina, she likes nearly everyone and nearly everyone likes her.

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