With the release of The Runed Age little more than two weeks away, it behoves us to prepare you for your journey into the stone jungle of Middelburg.

With that in mind, this week we give you the Star Flare array.

Notation: Create a disk of Light and Push that light disk at a speed of 4 m/s. Contain that pushing to a cylinder with a length 1000 times the array’s diameter and as wide as the array.

Description: Much like the Hospitaller’s Respite from last week, the Star Flare is an array of last resort. As the name implies, this array creates a flare that points to your position, so if you have to use it, you must be in some serious danger.

The key to this array is to create a disk of light and then lift that disk of light into the air, just like a modern day flare. Except in this case, the flare will hang there in the air for as long as there is energy to power the array.

In Middelburg, these Star Flare arrays are inscribed upon bronze disks 10cm in diameter which means the flare is launched 100m in the air. The bronze disks also mean that this array can’t be destroyed through the effects of other arrays (as bronze can’t be targeted by arrays) meaning there is a good chance your Star Flare will be safe until you need it.

Other than being a new, bright star in the night sky, the Star Flare ascends slowly enough (at 4 metres per second means it will take 25 seconds to reach its max height) that anyone watching will be able to trace where it comes from. So while the help you are hoping will come will see where you are, so will your enemies and any watchful constable. It goes without saying that you should be careful when using this.

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