This week on Magic Mondays, we show you an array that may well save your characters’ lives more than any other array.

This week we give you the Hospitaller’s Respite

Notation: Stop, in an area size of the array with a depth 1/100th the diameter of the array, Blood.

Description: The Runed Age is a very lethal system. There is very little chance your characters will escape any combat without some sort of injury, even if its just a scratch. It is precisely for that reason that this array exists. On its own, it’s a fairly useless array as the area of its effect is so limited. However, put this on a bandage and then it becomes one of the most useful arrays in existence.

The purpose of this array is to stop bleeding. Since blood can power the arrays, you will never have to worry about an energy source for this array as you will always be applying the bandages with this array on areas where there is blood. As soon as blood touches the array (and is absorbed to power it) the array will stop time for the blood immediately behind that initial blood. When the power is used up, the blood can flow again only to be immediately stopped again. Combined with the pressure that a wrapped bandage can apply to a wound, this array can completely stop the bleeding, or at least slow it down long enough for your character to get some proper medical treatment.

The reason why the Stop effect is limited to such a small area is because you don’t want to stop all the blood this array can reach, and if you’re speaking of an open wound that could mean a lot of your body’s blood supply. You only want to effect the blood that can be leaking out, you don’t want to cause more damage than has already been done.

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