Right on the heels of last week’s array we bring you one of the many arrays that are banned in the city of Middelburg, and for good reason.

This week we bring you the Walking Bomb array.

Notation: Transmute Human, of a size 100 times that of the array, into Stone; and Push Stone at a speed of 64 m/s.

Description: By just looking at the array, you can immediately see why the constabulary of Middelburg have taken such a dim view of the Walking Bomb array. The name alone tells anyone that this array wasn’t made for any other reason than for murder, except perhaps an entertaining execution. If you carry musket or pistol rounds inscribed with the Walking Bomb array inscribed, the constables won’t think twice before arresting you.

The danger, and effectiveness, of the Walking Bomb comes not from transmuting human flesh into stone, but rather from the runic explosion that comes afterward. Turning a human into stone will kill them will them regardless of the Push rune in the array or not. The Sculptor array does this quite well. The true malice, or genius depending on who you ask, is that Push rune. By pushing the newly created stone so quickly, and from inside that very stone, the array creates an explosion.

The speed of the force rips apart the ex-human statue and flings it at everyone in the vicinity at a speed of 64 metres per second, or 230 kilometres per hour. This array was not create to kill only one person, it was designed to kill a room full of people.

As with all violent arrays there are some safety features built in. The Gargantuan rune modifying the Transmute rune means that there is an energy threshold that needs to be reached before the array activates, a threshold the energy from a musket and pistol won’t reach. This ensures that the array doesn’t turn your arm into a stone bomb as you fire the round. The Quicken runes modifying the Push rune works in the same way. This also ensure that the round goes into the victim’s body first before activating, causing maximum damage.

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