This week for Magic Mondays we will, once again, help you in your criminal exploits in Middelburg. You by now will have all the arrays needed to protect yourself and fight off any assailant, so now is the time to think about how to get away quickly after you have done your criminal deeds.

This week we have the Coach Express.

Notation: Cool (at a rate of 1 degree Celsius every 8 minutes) and increase the speed (by 100%) of Animals.

Description: In the age of electricity, technology in the Runed Age is moving faster than ever before. The ability of electricity to quickly and conveniently transfer energy to runic arrays, which can then store this energy, has revolutionised every technology under the sun. Unfortunately, those left behind in this technological race are quickly forgotten.

In a world with airships and electrically driven trains, carriages and coaches are quickly becoming yesterday’s news. The coaches and carriages have decided to fight back with an ancient array that has had some new life breathed into it.
The Coach Express has been in use for centuries, albeit sparingly as storing energy in an array was a time consuming affair before the advent of electricity. Now, however, you would rarely see a professional coach or carriage without one.

Simply put this array increases the speed of animals (most often horses) by 100%, meaning they move at twice their normal speed. This means that a horse at full gallop can now average 80-100 km/h. This is utterly fantastic if you are delivering goods and passengers between cities, or if you are running away from the constabulary, but it isn’t so good on the horses.

On a good day, a horse at a gallop can overheat within 20 minutes. At double speed that is only exacerbated. It is for this reason that the array also cools down the horses. If your horse dies on you because of heat exhaustion then no amount of speed will save you.

This array is also rife for modification. You can easily change the speed increase of the Animal rune as well as the rate at which the Cool rune cools the animals. This array is meant to be changed what you expect you will be facing.

To learn more about how time runes work, stay tuned this Friday for our second video on YouTube.

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