The core engine upon which all of our products do and will run.

It truly is the forge of Sigils, GLYPHS and runes through which all worlds are made possible.


The Sigil System is the heart of Stormforge Productions and is the base of all our products, from The Runed Age to Z-LAND to all our future products.

It’s a gritty and lethal system meant to put all your skills to the test in order to succeed.

The core of the Sigil System is a simple d100-roll-under system that utilises only 20 Skills. No need to worry about talents, traits, attributes, and all that carry on. Anything you can think of doing can be done with these 20 Skills (and a further 4 potential specialisations within each Skill). This makes both playing and GMing very easy as there general mechanic that you need to worry about, whether it comes down to combat, social encounters or even exploration. And with our modular Modifiers Tables, you make your games as narrative or granular just as you want them to be.

Next up is our realistic Wound System. With Hit Locations for the entire body and different severities of Wounds possible, every round combat and every fight will be putting you on the edge of your seat as one wrong move can put out of the encounter, the session, or even the entire game! Combat in the Sigil System is gritty and real where death awaits around every corner. You will have to use all your wits in order to survive, but that is what makes success sweeter.

Through our Character Creation system you will discover everything there is to know about your character. Not only will you create your character’s skills but also their backstory, the personality and their most important contacts. The Party Creation will also help your party discover what holds them together, what threatens to break them apart and how they met in the first place.

Quick Start Guide

We’ve also included a Quick Start Guide that condenses the most important rules of the Sigil System down to less than 4 pages. So if you (or someone in your group) have never played the Sigil System before, or any tabletop RPG for that matter, then this is the perfect way to get up to speed on how to play the game, and leave the finer details to your GM and the main corebook.

If d100 isn’t your cup of tea, fear not for we have translated the Sigil System down into a quick d20 format. Head on over to the GLYPH system to see the Sigil System’ smaller, leaner brother.