The Ruined Souls

The Ruined City, is more than just a campaign, more than a series of adventures. It is a the beginning of a tale of humanity; of what we are when no one is looking; of how we behave in time of crises and panic; of our resilience, our kindness, our brutality and our empathy. In […]

Journal of Array Design Cards!

The Journal of Array Design is now available in card format! We turned every array and its notation into a European size poker card in order to make it even easier for you to use in your games. Just like in the Journal proper, the arrays are colour coded by their main purpose and every […]

Last Day of Bundle Sale

Today is the last day of the Ruined Runes Bundle sale. Get it today and you can have both The Runed Age Corebook as well as The Ruined City Adventure book all for only $9.99! So CLICK HERE to head over to DriveThruRPG and grab the bundle before it’s gone!

The Ruined Runes Bundle

The Ruined City adventure book released today and to celebrate, we put together a deal just for you. If you haven’t gotten the Runed Age corebook yet, now you can get both the Ruined City adventure and the Runed Age corebook together in our Ruined Runes bundle for only $9.99.